Fair Trade: Asia, South America, Africa

Fair Trade: Asia, South America, Africa

Fair Trade: Asia, South America, Africa

Daisies And Doodles

There aren’t too many companies that exclusively support fair trade handmade artisan products from around the world with the sole goal of supporting the people that are just as passionate about the art they make as we are, but there is new one you should know about…  Daisies and Doodles.   The website just launched and we were fortunate enough to be a part of the branding and photography for this amazing company!


Their mission?


“We are inspired by a passion for discovering handmade pieces from around the world that are unparalleled in beauty, quality, creativity, and social responsibility. Our collections offer contemporary pieces crafted using traditional, locally sourced materials and age old methods. We are dedicated to environmentally conscious  production processes and fair wages to the artisans that create these one-of-a kind pieces. By providing a responsible commerce platform for our artisan partners, we bring you an exclusive, boutique of pretty little things that are making a big difference.”


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